The Problem:

USPS needed to improve the way their business mail customers accessed services through the internet.  There was a large mail volume demand from customers because of attractive pricing, however USPS feared they would lose business mail customers because of the underperforming and unimaginative legacy system that was presiding over their supply chain.

The Bluestone Solution:

Bluestone’s intelligent design derivation process includes four categories:

  • Program Management – ensuring our delivery is timely, effective and cost efficient
  • Business Research and Analysis – identifying then creating resolutions to the variety of challenges
  • Operations – determining the necessary ad-hoc reporting and overall data management
  • Maintenance – sustaining and updating software/enterprise environment

Through our process we helped develop a system to provide a single access point for all USPS business customers. This allowed customers to conduct business with USPS through the internet while improving customer service, protecting revenue, and enabling employees to better manage their business. It established a repository for business mail information to identify, understand, manage, and serve customers. By re-engineering the USPS legacy system and developing several new components, business mail has grown to serve over 20,000 users and collects/processes more than $40 billion in revenue per year.