2. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Tonally balanced, detailed and articulate sound, with a slight enhancement of bass for E3000C. So far I've had the revonext qt2s, which I absolutely loved aside from their comfort and fit etc. The detail levels are clearly in line with what other IEMs at those price point usually offer, really you're getting better sound quality than the price is able to warrant for them. And let’s not downplay that soundstage, either. They're one of my favourite earphones. Could have been faster, highs are slightly lacking.

You can find these buds for the best price here: Audio 46 (Use our promo code, “majorhifi” to get a 10% discount).

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The bass of both units is deep and reaches very low, and has good punchiness, although the sub-bass is good for this price range only.

While not as astounding as the low end, the midrange keeps any aberrations in check. I do not have any 2.5Gbps controllers to test the E3000 … Both come packaged in small cardboard boxes with the IEMs being shelled in a plastic cut out, while the rest of the accessories and the ables are tucked underneath. The build quality of both E2000 and E3000 is top notch, with metal bodies, and a fairly sturdy, and supple cable. Good Build Quality, Inexpensive, Balanced Sound, Good revealing abilities, Ergonomic, Aesthetics, Comfort, Open Sound, Soundstage, At this price point, not much, but the bass is a little slow in response. This probably describes both E2000 and E3000 really well. Impedance:  16 ohms

The bodies are vented and they don't present any kind of driver flex, nor have any kind of microphonics, already being pretty good for a IEM in the entry-level area. All rights reserved.

A mesh screen on the back of each earpiece supposedly offers better performance in the lows, without bleeding tons of noise.

Both look like they are going to be very comfortable, both have metal bodies that look really durable, and both have a vent / opening in the back that allows for a better sonic reproduction and venting for the IEMs.

Any lag? We have employed a "thank you" system for submissions. Headphones - IEM/Earbud. There are ear hooks included in the package with both E2000 and E3000 IEMs, for those who want to wear them over the ear, but we are using them without the hooks, we always considered them to reduce comfort and won't consider them a plus for actual usage of the IEMs, the cables being better at taking the natural shape of the ear.

In fact, thing which is really amazing, both E2000 and E3000 reach our golden standards of comfort, both feel good while being worn, work well over the ear, with no microphonics, with good tips from the box, and with everything else working simply really well. The fit and comfort is excellent, even great for running, they fit both straight down and over the ear, the tips are uber-comfortable, the IEM shape and bore size will work with almost any ear, and they are projected to be lightweight and to simply work. The midrange is quite a little different, with E3000 being more satisfying and thicker in the long run, while E2000 is more neutral, also bringing more emotion to the female vocals and to the upper midrange instruments like violins. For the gain they have in soundstage and instrument separation, along with how the music is generally presented, we feel that the fact they are open isn't a large drawback, but if you require something to isolate you from the outside noise, it is worth noting that neither E2000 nor E3000 can't do that.

The unique sound remains equally dynamic and balanced, with a crawling, bumping low end and a smooth but sparkling high end.

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